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Chateaux de Lastours, France

The Châteaux de Lastours are four Cathar castles in the French commune of Lastours. They are on a rocky spur above the village of Lastours, isolated by the deep valleys of the Orbeil and Grésilhou rivers.

Lastours is a huge archaeological site, with its four castles, Cabaret, Tour Régine, Surdespine and Quertineux, built on the summit of a rocky pedestal, together with its medieval village, the Castrum of Cabaret, nestling deep in the valley.

More about Châteaux de Lastours

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Ceahlau, Romania

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birdflus: Our crack-smoking, alcoholic Mayor of Toronto Mr. Rob Ford featured in all his glory. 

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why is this considered funny?

it looks ingenuitive to me

if he was white, it’d be a “life hack”

If you’re white its a life hack.

If you’re black its ghetto. 


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[Caption: Health is never a measure of human worth, written over photos of Teddy Roosevelt, RJ Mitte, Miles Davis, Helen Keller, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Michael J. Fox, Stephen Hawking, and Lucille Ball]

  • Teddy Roosevelt, former president with epilepsy and asthma
  • R.J. Mitte, actor with cerebral palsy
  • Miles Davis, jazz musician with sickle cell disease
  • Helen Keller, writer and social activist with hearing and visual impairment
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt, former president with polio
  • Michael J. Fox, actor with Parkinson’s disease
  • Stephen Hawking, physicist with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Lucille Ball, actress with rheumatoid arthritis

When you use phrases like, “as long as you’re healthy” these are just a few of the people that your language is excluding.  No one owes you health.  Being healthy does not make you a good person, and being unhealthy does not make you a bad person.  The state of a person’s body does not reflect their soul, their mind, or their worth as a human being.

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'Liber Floridus' (Book of Flowers), a Medieval encyclopædia produced some 900 years ago by Lambert, Canon of St Omer, in the NE France/Flanders/Belgium region.

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Photomanipulations by Caras Ionut

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Karabela Saber

  • Dated: beginning of the 18th century
  • Culture: Ottoman
  • Measurements: overall length 90.2 cm

A rare type of classic form, probably from the Ottoman Court Workshop. The dark horn grips are inlaid with engraved and profiled geometrical silver plaques. The guard is made of silver and is chiseled, engraved, and struck with the tugra of Sultan Ahmed III (r. 1703-1730 c.e.) The long, lightly-curved and fullered blade with distinct yelman or back edge.

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Montreal, Canada

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Where can I get one of these?

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The Sumerian King List (The Weld-Blundell Prism) lists a succession of kings and cities from Sumer, which begins with mythical kings, like Gilgamesh, and then goes on to list historical leaders. It is considered a key document in the decipherment of cuneiform.

ca. 2000-1800 BCE (Old Babylonian)

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (AN.1923.444)

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hoodies are very important to me

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