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Dethkones… Icy and Brutal!

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"I’m sorry about being a dick but sometimes it’s hard to suppress the urge of ruining other peoples lives."

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"Candy, tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy."

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Thunder, Thunder…
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder…

I just had a flashback. One time in high school, in music class, some of my friends and my then-boyfriend (he did the vocals) covered this song, hahah. When they finished our music teacher asked “…what were the lyrics?” “um, ‘thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder, thunderhorse’” Our poor teacher, there were so many metalheads in that class, lol.

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Klokateer: Shall I burn it, my lords?

Nathan: No, leave it. Just throw some rotting meat on it and pour some pig’s blood on it or whatever, you know. It’ll be bearable, I guess.

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Oh, God! Don’t! What are you, bulimia?
Now you’re gonna start a chain reaction puke-a-thon.

Pickled herring is also a staple in Polish cuisine, especially at Christmas, and for YEARS I refused to eat it.
Every Christmas would go something like this:
Mom: How can you know you don’t like it if you’ve never even tried it.
Me: I don’t even want to try it, just the idea of it is gross.
Mom: What’s so gross about it?
Me: It’s pickled fish! Who the hell pickles fish!?

Finally when Metalocalypse came out I showed her this scene XD I think she finally got that I wasn’t the only one who thought it was gross. Pickled fish. Pfft.
I have tried it since then, and mehh, I can only eat it if I have a lot of bread with it to dilute the flavour, lol.

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Lost but still we ride
Search until we die
All the fault of pride
The gods weep in the night

Riding, and riding, we search across the land
The snow, and wind, has frozen hearts of man
But we ride

The guitar harmonies in this, omg, I get all emotional every time hahaha.

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