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Martin, can you say the words ‘beer’ and ‘can’ without sounding like a Jamaican saying the word ‘bacon’..

[apparently not]


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Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis - Riddles in the Dark - raw performance footage - [x]

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~But I will help you take it back if I can

This is one of my favorites scenes in the movie. Martin was pitch perfect delivering his lines and Richard said about a million things with his face, without speaking!


I was so weepy at this bit

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“Andy, which of your famous friends does the best Gollum impression?”

“Martin Freeman.” (x)

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Martin Freeman gets an A++ in jokes.

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Even the (few) people I’ve talked to who hated the movie said that this moment was sheer brilliance.  It is so significant, so weighty, it is damn near the most important thing that happens in the entirety of “The Hobbit” and you FEEL it, you feel how momentous this is.  Bilbo’s sparing of Gollum’s life is not only an important plot point but it is a key character beat for Bilbo - for the first time in his life he has this kind of power, and what he chooses here to do with it defines him.

And the level of performance achieved here by Martin with no dialogue, and by Serkis THROUGH PIXELS, is astonishing.

This moment is worth the entire film.

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“Why the halfling?”

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With regard to that last photo, I couldn’t help but notice the background….lol.

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Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman. ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ New York premiere.

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