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All those years burying you in my memory. Pretending you didn’t exist. Keeping you a secret, even from myself. Pretending you weren’t the Doctor when you were the Doctor more than anyone else. You were the Doctor when it wasn’t possible to get it right. But this time…You don’t have to do it alone.

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“Don’t worry because I’m going to fight them off.”

During the Nerd HQ “Conversations for a Cause” with Matt, Karen, and Arthur

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Actual Time Lord Matt Smith

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Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith attend the Esquire & Mr Porter London Collections: Mens Party at Corinthia Hotel London on June 15, 2012 in London, England

Am I the only one impressed by the fact that Benedict is holding two full and dewy glasses in one hand? And he’s holding one of them by just a bit of one finger. That one would have slipped from my hand instantaneously if I tried to do that.

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Doctor Who Filming - 30/05/2012


[she looks like a modern day girl, doesn’t she ?]

Diggin. This.

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#I am convinced that this was not in the script #Matt was supposed to jump on the hammock and missed #because he’s Matt and he is a danger to himself and others #and this line was just an expression of his confusion#THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED AND NO ONE WILL EVER CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE

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#Okay #I never reblog Wholock #but this is bloody perfect #and I can’t even #isehgtuosheguhsdgvsdhj

Yes. Exactly.

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