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No cigarette smoke in here, Berry. You know the rules.

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Made a few more Rich Fulcher gifs (and reposting the ones I posted yesterday so that they’re all together)

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Rammstein Mein Land gifs

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Don’t you just wish though…

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One of the little reasons why I (sometimes) love my job

My job requires me to direct a lot of people to where they need to go so I find myself pointing A LOT and each time I do I can’t help but giggle to myself because it makes me think of Matt Berry :P

Oh, you’re looking for the Master’s office? Why it’s over there…

Screening room? Just keep heading that way…

Senior common room? Down that hall and to the right…

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Autumn is finally in full swing here

For the past few weeks I’ve had Matt Berry’s Summer Sun EP on constant rotation, it’s pretty much the soundtrack to my life right now. It’s perfect for this time of year, especially Farewell, Summer Sun, for obvious reasons.

(I made that gif specifically for the purpose of this post haha)

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Just a couple of IT Crowd outtakes gifs

Should be writing university papers but instead I keep finding myself making gifs. Blehhrrrgdfgds.

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IT Crowd series 4 finale gifs

I couldn’t sleep so I pretty much just spent the whole night a-gifin’ away. I’ll just throw them all into a single post.

As always, feel free to use them/save them/whatever :)

Also, in case anyone hadn’t noticed, when Matt delivers his “Sing you canary!” line, afterwards he almost laughs, one of the actors in the jury does, and it looks like Noel might have a smirk as well. If that’s the take they finally settled on using in the episode, I can only imagine how bad they were laughing in previous takes XD

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Moody bastard. We were cool a moment ago, was it something I said?

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During this scene I don’t see two monkey-people,

I can’t help but automatically see the reality of the situation: Noel Fielding fake-peeing on Matt Berry

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Matt Berry possesses the magical ability to make him laugh twice in one day.

[Interview from first gif]

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Two more gifs of Matt Berry as Vangelis that I forgot I had made

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