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With broken fingers I weave life’s tapestry.

I am in darkness with no control as to how the cards will fall.

I just manage the deck.

A morose funk hangs over me,
It comes and it goes like the professional harlot.

A weaker man would rip out his own hair from it’s root,
while running to seek guidance from the parson.

Send in the clowns they said.

By all means try it,
but do be prepared for the mass of blood and red noses,
for I am in no mood for such twisted capers.

Like the spring hare, I shall run and run and run,
knowing the second I stop, if only to catch breath, it would all be over. I then become the prey.

Even the man built from clay with the strength of seven is of little consequence as soon as the carpet of love is ripped from beneath his feet.

A stench as bad as death fills the air
as the desperate Lothario enters the shed.

With him, he brings all the self assured arrogance of the Hangman.

Today he is safe, tomorrow he is over.

Alone in my bed I revisit the day’s occurrences, making all the necessary alterations.

An apology is weak; a regret is wretched.

A figure appears on the horizon, as it is approaching it begins to take shape: A man.

I notice his head looks towards his feet as if unable to meet my gaze, he looks familiar.

YOU THERE! Who by shame brings this bad news? Oh, it is you, the Hangman

Do come in.


The Hangman, Matt Berry (via marvelousmatt)
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Me trying to do coursework

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I am insanely excited for this


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This song was originally track 4 of Matt’s Summer Sun EP released in August of 2010.

It is now the opening track of Kill The Wolf.  Out June 17.


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MATT MUSIC MONDAY — Love Is A Fool (Again)

Known mostly for being the inspiration for the Snuff Box theme, here is a stone groove to start your day.  Can you dig it?

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Matt has launched his own website: THE WORLD OF MATT BERRY


Big thanks to sammystuff for bringing this to my attention!!  :D  This site is chock full of Berry Goodness including a journal entry from Matt about the recording of his new album Kill The Wolf.  Great things coming.  Between that site and this blog, you’ll have all the info on the Mister at your fingertips.  Enjoy!!

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Once again, the man and his machines. 

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