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I don’t feel like finishing it anymore because I’m starting to feel unwell right now, maybe I’ll get back to it later (just like I said about my Benedict Cumberbatch drawing which I never did get back to, pfft). I eventually gave up trying to use recent sources and used Dead Bodies as a source, figuring a younger Andrew might go a little more easily, and yeah, it came out a bit better than the others. I still can’t get those eyes right though, gahh.

Part of the reason why I’m having so much trouble is because I always use pencil, conté, and/or graphite—mediums that you can smudge—and lately I’ve been forcing myself to use ink, especially simple ballpoint pen, because I’ve been so rubbish with it in the past. It’s a lot less forgiving and you can’t manipulate it with your fingers.

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I started doodling while I was waiting for A Scandal in Belgravia to download and the download took long enough that it turned into this. I couldn’t be assed to finish his hair, especially since I was using a ballpoint pen, that’d be a pain and would take forever, and I didn’t get to his shirt because my download finished. There are a number of things that bother me with this but I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt since this was done in pen, and I hate drawing in pen, it’s a tough and unforgiving medium.

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